Migrants, speak up: what migrants tell us about their experiences in the European Union

On International Migrants’ Day, ENAR is publishing a report giving an overview of what migrants tell us about their experiences living in the European Union.

18 December 2018

"Our life here is a life of slavery"

Between 31st July and 7th November 2017, the European Network Against Racism conducted an online survey among migrants who had arrived in the last five years in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. A total of 5,237 people responded to the survey. One of the survey questions was: “Is there anything else you would like to tell us?”.

In this analysis, we examine the content of the answers to this question in order to
determine the main issues for migrants coming to Europe. The key findings of the
“Migrants, speak up” survey
provide statistics on migrants’ well-being in Europe, employment, crime, police, housing, integration programmes and the main difficulties experienced. This analysis provides another opportunity to amplify the voices of migrants and highlight the important issues they are facing.

The comments also make it clear that the issues migrants face when coming to Europe are linked to discrimination and racism; indeed some comments go as far as comparing living in Europe to slavery.

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