ENAR research on the impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation policies and measures

ENAR is working at EU and national levels to ensure trust building and inclusive security and policing policies is grounded in human rights, equality and long term social inclusion.

Documenting the impact of discrimination is paramount to achieving justice. Discrimination, whether at individual or structural levels, is hard to document and prove, and criminal justice and security fields are no exceptions. However, given the securitisation shift of social and equality policies as well as the potential impact of new measures on human rights and democracy, we cannot afford to leave this field unchecked.

The ENAR research project on the impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation measures on groups at risk of racism aims to:

- Document the impact of terrorism related criminal and administrative measures on groups and individuals.

- Support the advocacy activities related to discrimination and security, counter terrorism and counter radicalisation policies at a national and local level.

- Gather testimonies and cases to bring visibility to affected groups and individuals.

- Show counter-productivity and inefficiency of the newly adopted measures.

- Unveil the racist dimension in the adoption and implementation of policies/legislation.


This qualitative research project used a mixed methods approach of in-depth interviews with professionals working in the area of counter terrorism and prevention of violent extremism and focus groups with those at risk of racism. The field work took place mostly in 2019 in different cities in France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

Roundtables meetings

In 2019/2020 roundtable meetings with policy makers, civil society organisations and other stakeholders were organised in the five countries where the research is taking place, to discuss the emerging findings and develop the recommendations.

Outputs for 2020

- 5 country briefings in English and the national language for each country
- 1 comparative report

Other relevant work

ENAR has produced a toolkit that provides anti-racism NGOs and activists with tools and methodologies to document the discriminatory impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation measures on communities at risk of racism, whether directly or indirectly.

The toolkit includes tools to monitor discrimination as a consequence of counter-terrorism and counter-VERLT measures in criminal law, soft laws and policies, administrative measures and through the actions of other institutions and structures, that are relevant in the European Union context.

For more information, email Ojeaku Nwabuzo, Senior Research Officer: ojeaku@enar-eu.org

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