Corona Diaries: Voices from the ENAR network

| 29.05.2020

The Covid-19 crisis is exacerbating structural racism and inequalities in society, with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups bearing the brunt of its impact.

Many ENAR members are doing their part to ensure that solidarity and justice are upheld. Read their ongoing concerns about the main emergencies during this crisis and their initiatives to move forward.

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Unveiling anti-Roma sentiments in Spain. What’s next after Covid-19?

| 4.05.2020 By Ismael Cortés

The European Union is founded on the principles of human dignity and equal treatment irrespective of racial or ethnic origin. Upholding this commitment, the European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, recently called EU member states to "do their utmost to prevent national or ethnic minorities, in particular Roma, from becoming scapegoats in the current crisis". Yet the Covid-19 pandemic has already unveiled anti-Roma sentiments across Europe, and this opens up a necessary debate on racism in our European societies.

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In France, vulnerable foreigners are excluded from Covid-19 measures

| 31.03.2020 By Gabrielle Peyres

Following the spread of the Covid19 virus in France, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron communicated on 16 March 2020 the containment measures recommended by the crisis cell and adopted by the National Assembly on the same day. This speech, using defence and nationalist rhetoric, combines a feeling of anxiety with a feeling of belonging to a single national community that must be protected. It prioritises protection measures according to membership of this national community and de facto excludes vulnerable categories of foreigners from national containment measures.

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Data racism: a new frontier

| 11.02.2020 By Sarah Chander

Perhaps without even noticing, you have read about data racism several times in the news in the past months. What is it? This blog seeks to explain - in the context of an emerging strand of work at the European Network Against Racism exploring racism in the digital space.

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[INTERVIEW] What does it mean to be...

| 31.12.2019 By

Anti-racist organisations and activists increasingly face the challenge of navigating the risks involved in doing anti-racist work. How can we create a better understanding and address the security challenges of anti-racist engagement? We interviewed some activists to hear their views.

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Indonesian interfaith concept:...

| 21.10.2019 By Ojeaku Nwabuzo

Following a visit to Indonesia, Ojeaku Nwabuzo reflects on the concept of interfaith dialogue, its limits and what Europe could learn from this approach.

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