[INTERVIEW] An intersectional approach to equality and social justice

| 7.02.2019

The European Network Against Racism and the Center for Intersectional Justice (CIJ) organised a landmark European symposium on intersectionality as a tool for equality and justice in autumn 2018, and have just issued a short report of this event. In this interview, ENAR’s Julie Pascoët and CIJ’s Emilia Roig look back at the event and tell us why an intersectional approach to social justice and equality is essential to address structural racism and discrimination in society.

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How western governments are being held hostage over the ‘migration crisis’ myth

| 20.12.2018 By Ojeaku Nwabuzo

Far-right parties and groups are destabilising western governments and holding them hostage to their anti-migrant demands. These demands have little to do with the reality of peoples’ lives and certainly not those of migrants who, as our report “Migrants, speak up” finds, just want to be allowed to fully contribute to society.

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From data to perception: an anti-racism take on Antisemitism in the EU

| 9.11.2018 By Claire Fernandez

The 9th of November marks the commemoration of the night of the broken glass, a night of pogroms against Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938. Last year, I gave a personal account of why Antisemitism matters to me. This year I want to explore why it should matter to anti-racism activists and progressives.

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Election day in Belgium – The migrant’s

| 26.10.2018 By Zdena Mtetwa-Middernacht

A personal reflection on the meaning of integration in the light of recent local elections in Belgium.

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State of Racism in the Union 2018 -...

| 12.09.2018 By

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) recaps on a year of racism and resistance in the European Union, otherwise unaddressed in the official State of the Union address.

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Back-to-work: what’s coming up for...

| 10.09.2018 By Claire Fernandez

As Brussels and the EU “bubble” goes back to business as usual after the summer recess, we reflect on what’s at stake for the "rentrée" and give an insight into ENAR’s upcoming actions for achieving equality and racial justice in Europe.

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