For 25 years, ENAR has worked tirelessly to combat racism with grassroots activists, and extraordinary individuals and allies committed to fostering a Europe freed of the terrible effects of discrimination. We have many milestones to celebrate but now more than ever, we must stand together so that in the next 25 years we #MakeRacismHistory by making it history on this continent that we
call home.

Karen Taylor, ENAR Chair of the Board

Karen Taylor ENAR Chair

Historical Elements

Over the past 25 years, the European Network Against Racism has dedicated its efforts to end structural racism in Europe. Founded in 1998 by grassroots activists, ENAR is the only pan-European anti-racism network that combines advocacy for racial equality whilst facilitating cooperation among civil society anti-racism actors in Europe. While the world around us has changed since then, our mission in pursuit for equality has not. Here are a few of our organisation’s key achievements:


Founding of ENAR

Adoption of the EU Race and Equality Directive

Inclusion of NAPAR position during the World Conference Against Racism

Official launch of the Anti-racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI)

Creation of the ENAR Foundation for a more sustainable Network

Adoption of a new membership structure improving network visibility via direct membership

EU Commission Colloquium on Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred leading to the nomination of two designated EU Coordinators

Securing EU Anti-Racism Against Plan commitments from the EU Commission

Anniversary Milestones



We are organising a competition for artists to propose designs that will feature as part of our 25th Anniversary apparel collection throughout the year. The money raised will support ENAR’s work, our members and their activities!



Our staff and members are engaging in more activities to physically reconnect and meet, going back to the origins of the Network powered by inspiring each other.


Anti-Racism and Diversity Week + Member Events

A quarter of a century fighting against racism is an event worthy of celebration! But since one event is not enough, ENAR is organising a series of members events throughout the year and we want you to come celebrate and make #MakeRacismHistory with us!


General Assembly & Anniversary Gala

Our General Assembly and Grand Soirée will set the scene for celebrations of 25 years of accomplishment and lay the foundations for making racism history in the future.


#MakeRacismHistory Festival

Join with our members as they celebrate 25 years of anti-racism activism through events held across Europe both in person and virtually. Let's celebrate our achievements to make racism history.


Join us

The road towards true equality is still long with much left to do! Find out how YOU can join the fight against racism with ENAR!

ENAR Testimonials

“The work of those who constitute ENAR, accumulated in a quarter of a century, is an indispensable source of reference, facing the present and the future of the problem that racism has accumulated for centuries. We are making our way in the history of anti-racism, THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Our permanent fight against racism and our publications in support of this endeavor attest to this.”

Manuel Martín Ramírez - Chairman of the Advisory Council for ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL PRESENCIA GITANA

"ENAR's foundation has not been the birth of the antiracist movement in Europe, but its first years have been kind of a coming of age. Our organizations became able to stand in front of EU institutions, as a truly European reality: an adult force for equality. Today, ENAR is living proof that working together across nationality, race, belief, gender and class boundaries is not only possible, but effective; membership of ENAR allowed our organisations to be recognised as relevant stakeholders also at national level, which has given us the opportunity to try, successfully or not, to shape policies and legislation."

Luciano Scagliotti - Board Member of Àltera, in charge of Equality and non-discrimination

"ENAR, since its establishment, 25 years ago has been instrumental to the fight against racism and discrimination in Europe both at a grassroot level, through its members in each member state of the EU, and at the level of the EU institutions. With extensive knowledge and expertise developed was able to influence EU legislation and policies against all forms of racism and discrimination while at the same time supporting its members at national level in their work to counter racism, racist narratives and policies. ENAR’s stepping in to support KISA while under attack at national level, under its human rights defenders support mechanism, enabled KISA to survive and continue its antiracist work against all odds."

Nicoletta Charalambidou - Member of the Steering Committee of KISA – Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism a national NGO based in Cyprus and member of ENAR since 2005

"ENAR is the only European anti-racist network I know, I really like ENAR's vision, and I have learned a lot since we joined. ENAR's work helps me to orient my organisation’s work, to understand and to fight racism with national and international strategies."

Moussa Sangaré - President and Coordinator of the Ivorian community of Greece

"As someone who has been part of European anti-racist movement since 1982, took part in the establishment of ENAR and led it in its infancy, I feel very proud and happy to see ENAR grow into a strong voice of those who were voiceless for many decades. I also wish to thank all those - member NGOs, staff and friends- who have been part of ENAR's great journey and success in the last 25 years."

Bashy Quraishy Chair - Advisory Council - ENAR - European Network Against Racism- Brussels

Celebrate with us!

There are many ways you can engage and support our work in the fight towards equality. Here are two ways you can do that!

ENAR 25th Anniversary Logo

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