21 January 2015: Invisible Visible Minority: Launch of ENAR book on people of African descent

ENAR launched its latest publication with the title “Invisible Visible Minority: Confronting Afrophobia and Advancing Equality for People of African Descent and Black Europeans in Europe”. The event was held on 21 January from 13:00 to 14:00 at the Info Point Europa, in Rue Archimède 1, Brussels.

The publication, unprecedented in the style and topic, contributes to filling the gaps in literature on the situation of people of African descent in Europe and Black Europeans. Indeed, according to the findings of several organisations including the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency, the U.S. Helsinki Commission and reports from ENAR members, racism and discrimination are still common experiences faced by members of Europe’s Black population; but there is still a lack of knowledge about the situation of people of African descent in Europe and Black Europeans, making this issue invisible in Europe. This book, by detailing their experiences in different political and social contexts, is a first step towards a positive change in the lives of Black people in Europe. It aims to support advocacy on the recognition of Afrophobia as a long-standing European issue and the need for a comprehensive European strategy to improve the situation of People of African Descent in Europe.

During this event, European experts debated about the role of the European Union in combating Afrophobia. Discussants included Malin Björk, Member of the European Parliament (GUE/NGL), Jallow Momodou, Vice-Chair of ENAR (Sweden), Jamie Schearer, ENAR Board Member (Germany), David Friggieri, European Commission and John Kellock, EU Fundamental Rights Agency. The event was attended by MEPs, EU officials, civil society organisations’ members, artists and academics.

Read the report of the launch event


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