10 December 2015: ENAR webinar on equality data collection

Equality data collection refers to all type of disaggregated data necessary to assess the comparative situation of a group at risk of discrimination. Without measuring and quantifying the extent of discrimination and inequalities in Europe, it becomes very difficult to tackle them effectively. Equality data are therefore a vital tool for policy-making and implementation of existing policy standards.

Despite this, it is still a far too less known and promoted concept, but we can change this!

This webinar will be dedicated to knowledge-sharing based on ENAR’s Equality Data Initiative project, and on EU law standards. In this way, members will be able to use these documents as efficiently as possible.

We will also identify good practices in the field, which will allow you to gain inspiration for future initiatives.

Lastly we will focus on advocacy planning, and in this way identify realistic objectives for the future, and map out possible effective actions.

We will also take time to hear your feedback, on how ENAR can help members on this topic. This webinar will thus be the first step in a hopefully fruitful process towards more equality data collection.

If you would like to participate in this webinar, you can register by sending an e-mail to paulien@enar-eu.org. Note that for logistical reasons, only a limited number of participants will be accepted.


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