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European Parliament : Firm stand against neo-fascist violence in Europe

25 octobre 2018 - ENAR welcomes the strong condemnation of the recent rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe by the European Parliament today.

Documenting the discriminatory impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation in the European Union

22 octobre 2018 - ENAR’s new toolkit provides tools and methodologies for civil society organisations and activists to document the discriminatory impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation measures on (...)

Members of National Parliaments and of the European Parliament join forces to fight antigypsyism in Europe

19 octobre 2018 - For the first time, Members of National Parliaments were invited by the European Parliament to discuss the fundamental rights of Roma and fighting antigypsyism. The Alliance against Antigypsyism urged (...)

EU high-level meeting against racism : end the silence on racist political discourses and practices

16 octobre 2018 - ENAR is calling for an end to the current silence over political discourse emboldening racist policies and practices, as the European Union High-Level Group on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms (...)

Review of EU High Level Group Against Racism : an opportunity to deepen the approach to equality in the EU

16 octobre 2018 - Today and tomorrow, representatives of the European Commission, of national Ministries of Justice and Interior, and of civil society organisations are meeting in Vienna for the 6th Meeting of the EU High (...)

Toolkit : Women of colour in the workplace

15 octobre 2018 - ENAR’s latest Equal@work toolkit looks at how we can address racism and sexism against women of colour at work. It gives employers tools for an intersectional approach to gender equality and diversity (...)

Wake-up call on European Day Against Islamophobia : our European democracies and fundamental rights are at risk

21 septembre 2018 - Public discourses across Europe hammering that Muslims are a problem are currently justifying the adoption of policies, legislation and practices that are putting our core democratic and fundamental rights (...)

The European Network Against Racism, 1998 -2018, a short history

14 septembre 2018 - Booklet prepared on the occasion of ENAR’s 17th General Assembly in June 2018, marking the 20th anniversary of the network. On the occasion of ENAR’s 20th anniversary, we traced the organisation’s journey (...)

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ENAR’s Equal@work Platform brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions for the participation of ethnic minorities in the labour market.

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