Muslims in Europe: Questions and Answers

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Invisible visible minority: ENAR book on people of African descent in Europe

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Policy statement: EU Counter-terrorism policies from an equality perspective: everyone should feel safe in Europe

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Equality data collection matters: it can help combat discrimination

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Latest updates

Debunking myths about Jews

1 October 2015 - As antisemitism is on the increase in Europe, this new ENAR leaflet debunks some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Europe’s Jewish population. Download the (...)

EU Colloquium on fundamental rights: civil society statement

30 September 2015 - On 1 and 2 October 2015, the European Commission is holding its first annual colloquium on fundamental rights on the theme "Preventing and combating anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe". Civil (...)

Italian Senate decision on racist speech against Cecile Kyenge is wrong

18 September 2015 - On Wednesday 16 September, the Italian Senate, in a surprising move, decided to allow proceedings against Senator Calderoli on the basis of defamation against MEP and former Minister Cécile Kyenge, but (...)

Global Summit to address root causes of the attack on Black lives

16 September 2015 - A delegation of Black Europeans to the first global Summit on Valuing Black Lives and Annual Conference of the Congressional Black Caucus will give evidence of Afrophobia in Europe and discuss concrete (...)

Beyond ’refugees welcome’: what will EU Member States do to protect refugees and migrants from violence and discrimination?

15 September 2015 - Following the EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministers’ reluctance to agree on an immediate and straightforward relocation plan, ENAR calls EU Member States to firmly respect fundamental rights and (...)

Anti-migrant violence, hatred and sentiment in the European Union

15 September 2015 - This interactive map shows incidents of racist discourse and violence against migrants in EU Member States over the last year, including demeaning speeches by politicians, violence, anti-migrant (...)


8 September 2015 - An open letter to people fleeing war, persecution and poverty from over 30 European civil society organisations As Europeans, #WeApologise on behalf of our national and European leaders for their (...)

Report hate speech in the Greek election campaign

4 September 2015 - Greek elections are scheduled on 20 September. ENAR and its members have launched a reporting form which anyone can use to report hate speech by MP candidates, party officials and spokespersons during the (...)

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