ENAR and FEMYSO: Community of Practice 2023

Call for Interest: Enhance your training! – Essentials of Non-Formal Education in Human Rights Work.

Training is present in nearly every field of our societies today, from trade to politics, in public spaces, and in our private lives. Together with the CoP participants, we would like to approach training from the lens of non-formal education (NFE) which provides unique learning opportunities to grassroot changemakers. In contrast to academic and corporate learning, NFE is a participant-centred learning style, steered by multicultural and enthusiastic team members. Through two sessions, we aim to show essentials of NFE that helped hundreds of FEMYSO volunteers to nurture active citizenship, cultural expression, human rights awareness, and self development. As FEMYSO is upskilling minority youth facing structural exclusion in Europe, our practices will focus mostly, but not only on youth work training from the human rights perspective. We believe that to educate human rights in a participatory and decolonial way such as NFE is the best defense and action against the rise of racism, xenophobia, violence, discrimination and intolerance.

We plan to have two online sessions (a 90 minutes), the first on 5 April at 4.30 pm CEST. The second on 03 May 2023 (if all interested participants agree upon).

In these two gatherings, we will introduce core elements of non-formal education and contrast it with formal and informal learning. Furthermore, we will discuss the experiential learning cycle and key competences/skills for training facilitators. Based on 25 years of experience, we will present best practices of FEMYSO training sessions and explore ways of continuously improving non-formal training activities in human rights education. Ultimately, participants will be able to use these competences directly in their work and organisations.

If you are interested, please fill out this form Microsoft Forms by Friday 31 March 2023.


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