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CALL FOR INTEREST: Community of Practice – anti-racism activism and the media

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a new format encouraged by ENAR, whereby several ENAR Members gather online around a topic of interest, to share practices and learn together – chaired by one of the ENAR Members.

We are happy to launch a call for interest to join the first of such Communities, focused on media issues in anti-racism activism:

The media plays an important role in formulating toxic narratives about migrants and minorities. While we may know this generally, we sometimes need help challenging such narratives. With the help of the participants of the CoP, we aim to offer tools to analyze the media critically and address misinformation and stereotypical narratives.  Some matters we’ll learn from each other are writing rebuttals/opinion pieces and how to get in touch with journalists. Do you have any good opinion pieces to share with the group? 

This CoP will have initially three online meetings. The online meetings (3 X 60 minutes) will take place 16 March at 4 pm CET, 13 April at 4 pm CET, and 17 May at 4 pm CET (interested participants will be consulted about these dates to check if it is fine with them). 

In those three meetings, we’d go through the following:

  • Identifying biased stories in your country: What does a biased story about migrants and minorities look like in your country? What are the main newspapers spreading such narratives? What does a “good” story about racialised groups look like in your country? (March 16)
  • Database: We will continue assessing what your country’s media writes about racialised groups and how to address such narratives. What approach and counterarguments do you use?  (April 13)
  • Introduction to journalism: This part of the CoP will look at the ABCs of journalism and offer basic skills to write a news story and, importantly, an opinion piece. The participants will share their activism and best practices with the group. (May 17)

The chair of this CoP, Enrique Tessieri, is the editor of the Migrant Tales community blog, which has been active for over 15 years. Enrique is a sociologist and has over 20 years of experience working as a journalist in different countries. 

If you are interested, please get in touch by the 5th of March with Enrique, directly by email (editor@migranttales.net) or by phone +358 40 8400773.  If you have any questions about the Community of Practice format, please address izabela@enar-eu.org


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