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As a volunteer, you can help us with translations, design and editing, news monitoring, and much more. The length and intensity of your commitment is up to you!

Please note that volunteers should be able to work from home as we do not have a position within our office itself.

You can contribute your skills and expertise to ENAR in areas such as translation work, alerting us about racism and discrimination news and cases in your country, video production and editing, etc. We would really welcome your support!

We currently have a volunteering project to monitor news related to racism in all EU countries. Join us!

Your task as a volunteer would be to monitor the national media of your country and inform us of relevant news reports on issues relating to racism. It could be a case of hate speech or hate crime, a case regarding ethnic or religious discrimination, an article or a report regarding minorities, migrants or far-right groups activities. Good news and positive stories (e.g. success stories on integration, cooperation between communities, respect of minority rights) are also welcome.

The following issues are particularly important for us:

  • Racist violence and racist speech (the latter especially by politicians/public figures)
  • Data collection on ethnic/religious minorities
  • Specific communities and racism/discrimination affecting them: people of African descent, Muslims, Jews, Roma, migrants
  • Discrimination/equality in employment
  • Discriminatory aspects of counter-terrorism/counter-radicalisation policies

You would send us every week or fortnightly – depending on your time and availability – a list of selected news articles related to the above mentioned issues from your national media; providing the link to the articles and a translation in English of the title of the article and a short 5-10 lines summary in English.

We are still looking for volunteers from the following countries for this project: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

If you are interested in volunteering for us, send an email to info@enar-eu.org.

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ENAR’s Equal@work Platform brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions for the participation of ethnic minorities in the labour market.

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