Who’s who in the ENAR secretariat

Michaël Privot

+32 2 229 35 79

Michael started as Networking and Campaigns Officer in the ENAR team in January 2006 and became ENAR Director in March 2010. He is also an international expert on radicalisation processes within Muslim communities. Previously, he worked during four years as FNRS Research Fellow at the University of Liège (Belgium). He has more than a decade of experience in community building of Muslim communities in Belgium and Europe. He holds a BA in Oriental History and Philology (Islamic Studies), a specialisation in Comparative History of Religions (University of Liège) and Arabic (University of Damas), and a PhD in Languages and Literature from the University of Liège (Belgium). He has authored a book with T. Oubrou and C. Baylocq on imams in France, a number of academic publications, published op-ed articles and appeared in a variety of media, including Euronews, Voice of America, Al Jazeera, Le Soir, RTBF and European Voice.

Languages: French, English, Arabic and Turkish
Julie Pascoët
Senior Advocacy Officer
- on maternity leave

+32 2 229 35 74

Julie joined the ENAR team in April 2010. She has been trained in human rights education and non-formal education by the Council of Europe. She has also collaborated on different projects dealing with social inclusion of Muslims, at European, national and local level. Previously, she worked as communication and advocacy assistant for the humanitarian and development NGO Islamic Relief Worldwide and for the Assembly of European Regions, in their Brussels offices. She studied European Politics and International Relations at Paris 8-Saint-Denis University (France) and Southampton University (UK), with a focus on cultural policies and intercultural dialogue.

Areas of work: employment; Islamophobia; Antigypsyism

Languages: French, English and Spanish
Isabela Mihalache
Advocacy Officer
- maternity cover

+32 2 229 35 74

Isabela joined the ENAR team in February 2019. At ENAR she works on Antigypsyism, Islamophobia, intersectionality and national action plans against racism. She has a vast experience in human rights, particularly on non-discrimination, gender equality and Roma, working previously with the Council of Europe, European Roma Rights Centre and Open Society Foundations. She has focused her work on issues such as empowerment of Roma women, early and child marriages, children’s rights, forced evictions, trafficking in human beings and access to justice, working with a wide range of stakeholders at national, EU and international levels. As part of her current work at ENAR, she is involved, among others, in the Alliance against Antigypsyism, advocating for the acknowledgment by EU Member States of antigypsyism as a specific form of racism and promoting substantive equality for Roma in Europe.

Areas of work: Islamophobia; Antigypsyism; intersectionality

Languages: Romanian, English, French
Sarah Chander
Senior Advocacy Officer

+32 2 240 57 21

Sarah joined ENAR as Advocacy Officer in August 2016. Previously, she worked on employment and education policy for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, focusing on youth unemployment. Sarah has previously worked in development and immigration and legal support. She has a broad range of interests in fields of race and gender equality, securitisation and migrants’ rights, drawing on her activism in the UK. Particular topics of concern include the increase of immigration detention across Europe, the rise of for-profit immigration control, security and punitive institutions, and the ongoing racialisation and ostracisation of migrant communities across Europe. Sarah holds an LLB in Law from the University of Warwick and an MSc in Migration, Mobility and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Areas of work: hate crime; equality data; Afrophobia; equal@work

Languages: English, Punjabi
Juliana Santos Wahlgren
Senior Advocacy Officer

+32 2 229 35 73

Juliana joined ENAR in July 2006. She previously worked as a legal counsellor for ASTI (Association de soutien aux travailleurs immigrés), one of ENAR’s members in Luxembourg, during three years, and before that as a lawyer in a multinational oil and gas company in Brazil. She holds a Bachelor of Law from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and was an international Fellow at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (Germany).

Areas of work: migration; Antisemitism; National Action Plans Against Racism

Languages: Portuguese, English, French, German
Ojeaku Nwabuzo
Senior Research Officer

+32 2 229 35 76

Ojeaku joined ENAR in June 2014 as the Shadow Report Officer. She previously worked at Runnymede, a race equality think tank in the UK, as a research and policy analyst where she led on various projects including the Race Equality Scorecard and the Riot Roundtables. During her time at Runnymede Ojeaku also carried out research for the Deaths in Custody and mental health research project, the UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) and developed various resources that captured individual and community histories on migration and belonging. Ojeaku has extensive experience of working in children and young people’s charities including the National Children’s Bureau where she provided advice and support to the Department for Education. Ojeaku holds a BSc in Politics from the University of Southampton and an MA in Political Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Languages: English and French
Esra Ozkan
Network Development Officer

+32 2 229 35 78

Esra joined the ENAR team in July 2018. She has been active in a variety of grassroots groups and civil society organisations striving for social and environmental justice in the last ten years. Recently she has mainly worked around climate change, migration, LGBTI rights, decolonizing public spaces as an activist and as a facilitator. She is inspired by nature, popular education, social action, communities of resistance and networks of solidarity and many others. She thinks a lot about how to build resilient and effective social movements in this ever changing complex world. For this she tries to stay committed but also critical and open to change herself as well by learning everyday something new.
Georgina Siklossy
Senior Communication and Press Officer

+32 2 229 35 77

Georgina joined the ENAR team as Communication and Press Officer in December 2006. She previously worked during five years at BEUC, the European Consumers’ Organisation in the field of communication and relations with the European Parliament. She holds a degree in European History and German from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and a Masters in International Politics, with a focus on human rights, from the University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium.

Languages: English, French and German
Sanka Chandima Abayawardena
Communications Officer

+32 2 229 35 75

Sanka joined the ENAR team as Communication Officer in June 2018. He previously worked on the global sustainable development agenda and as an advocacy and communications expert from 2007 up to now. He has previously worked for the Global Young Greens, Asia Pacific Green Network, National Youth Services Council of Sri Lanka and a number of other international organisations. From 2011 to 2014 he designed and oversaw the global process supported by the UN to mainstream youth participation in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Anne-Sophie Marchant

+32 2 229 35 79

Anne-Sophie first joined the ENAR Foundation in September 2013 before working at ENAR since January 2014. She has a degree in event communication & marketing. After graduating, she worked in Beijing for Intel and in Belgium in the event field.

Languages: French, English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish
Myriam De Feyter

+32 2 229 35 70

Myriam joined ENAR in 2004-2005. She studied Sinology and Public Administration at Ghent University (Belgium). Initially she worked for the Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry in Beijing (China) and Ottawa (Canada). Afterwards, she became the Coordinator of the Canadian NGO Network on International Human Rights (Ottawa) and later on, the Canadian Human Rights Foundation’s (present Equitas) International Human Rights Training Programme (Montreal). Back in Europe, she set up December 18, the international advocacy and resource centre on the human rights of migrant workers. Myriam used to work for the European Network Against Racism as Deputy Director Administration, Finance and HR.

Languages: Dutch, English, French, Mandarin
Ines Boudghene
Budget Officer

+32 2 229 35 70

Ines joined ENAR as Budget Officer in 2017. She is responsible for managing and optimising ENAR’s budget. She has hands-on experience of coordinating and managing employee benefits worldwide for multinational clients.

Languages: French, English
Delphine Michel
Senior Advocacy Adviser – DARE project

Delphine joined the ENAR team in January 2019. Delphine has been working in public policy for the last 15 years, as manager of European departments in think tanks, development agencies and consultancies, stationed mainly in Thessaloniki, London and Brussels. Her last assignment was with the European Institute of Peace where, as Programme Manager, she was responsible for the prevention of radicalisation portfolio in Europe and West Africa, and was also involved in programmatic support to mediation activities in Macedonia, Syria and Gabon. At ENAR she is the advocacy officer for the Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality (DARE) project and is also, in parallel to this work, involved in several research projects on the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism with the University Jean Jaurès in Toulouse. She holds a Ph.D. in European and Greek law from the University of Poitiers, France, a Master in International and European law, as well as a Master in French public law.

Areas of work: prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism

Languages: French, English and Greek
Chaïb Benaïssa

Chaïb is a social science researcher interested in the integration processes of Maghrebian families in France and has participated in various missions related to them within the framework of previous professional activities. Chaïb worked as a research officer at the Agence nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l’égalité des chances (Acsé), Consultant for an association for the prevention of juvenile delinquency around the La Villette site in Paris, Coordinator of the anti-discrimination plan of the municipality of Paris within the federation of the Paris League of Education, Adviser for the immigration-integration department of François Hollande’s presidential platform where he worked on themes related to citizenship, identity and social cohesion. He is conducting research for ENAR on radicalisation in Belgium, as part of the DARE (Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality) project.
Elisabeth Walser
Research Assistant

Elisabeth joined the ENAR team in July 2019 as research assistant trainee. At ENAR she supports the implementation of a research project on police brutality and community resistance in Europe. She previously worked on capacity building in the field of conflict transformation and peace building for the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict resolution. As an activist she has worked on immigrants rights and police violence. She has a broad range of interests in fields of nationalism, racism, state violence, and transformative justice, drawing on her activism in Austria. Elisabeth holds a BA from the University of Vienna and an MA in Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation from the University of Sussex.

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