Promoting fair and efficient policing for Roma and Travellers in the EU

On the occasion of EU Roma Week, ENAR is publishing a briefing on "Promoting fair and efficient policing for Roma and Travellers in the EU - One step forward to end Antigypsyism".

11 April 2018

Ethnic profiling by police in Europe is a widespread form of discrimination that violates human rights norms. It refers to the use by police or border guards of generalisations based on race, ethnicity, religion or national origin - rather than individual behaviour or objective evidence - as the basis for suspicion in directing discretionary law enforcement actions.

Ethnic profiling has an impact on the entire communities that are stigmatised. It affects people’s mental health and the constant humiliation seriously hinders trust in law enforcement.

The briefing includes examples of ethnic profiling practices specifically targeted at Roma Sinti and Travellers and recommendations for EU and Member States.

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