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The Nkyinkyim Project: Documenting Afriphobia, Structural and Institutional Racism - Africa Centre Ireland & IDPAD Coalition UK

Two ENAR members in Ireland and the United Kingdom teamed up to document institutional racism in these two countries, in particular Afriphobia.

The ‘No to Brain Waste Campaign’ by Africa Centre Ireland campaigned to stop the underemployment of skilled and qualified professionals and workers of migrant and in particular of African descent.

The IDPAD Coalition UK held roundtable meetings in Middlesbrough, Bristol, Northampton, Brighton and London, during which participants discussed their experience of Afriphobia, structural and institutional racism.

The two organisations launched a report defining Afriphobia, drawing on contributions from the roundtable meetings, and putting forward recommendations for change in December. 21 Organisations and 79 individuals have so far endorsed the definition.

In 2020, they will launch a “Call it by its Name Afriphobia” campaign targeting African descent communities and continue joint work to tackle sructural and institutional racism.

Conference “Afrophobia & Intersectionality – Social Cohesion” - European Network of Women of African Descent (ENWAD), Spain

The European Network of Women of African Descent (ENWAD) organised a conference on Afrophobia in Barcelona to raise awareness on the situation of people of African descent in Spain. For the first time, ENWAD was able to gather a large number of women and young adolescents of African descent who were able to give their own accounts of what it is like to be black in Spain to a wider audience – creating awarness on the racism, racial discrimination and exclusion they face. Several youth organisations tackling Islamophobia also participated in the conference.

ENAR member organisations working on Afrophobia

- Radio Afrika (Austria)

- CRAN - Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires de France (France)

- Collectif contre le Contrôle au Faciès (France)

- Each One Teach One - EOTO (Germany)

- Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (Germany)

- ENAR Ireland - Afrophobia in Ireland: report (2015) (Ireland)

- AkiDwA (Ireland)

- Pan-African Movement for Justice (Sweden)

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