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  • Covid-19 and racialised communities

    26 May 2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic is exacerbating and shining a light on existing structural racism and inequalities. Government responses to the virus are overlooking and in some cases violating the (...)

  • Survey findings: Migrants, speak up!

    13 December 2017 - ENAR conducted the online survey “Migrants: speak up!” with recently arrived migrants in five European Union countries: Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Sweden. We surveyed a total of 5,237 (...)

  • Finances 2015

    20 July 2016 - Financial global overview 2015 Balance sheet 2015 Financial audit report 2015 Financial audit certificate 2015

  • ENAR volunteers

    27 October 2015 - Thanks to all ENAR’s volunteers who support our work in monitoring national news and translating publications. Want to become a volunteer? Mimmi Åkesson I hold an MA (Hons.) in Social (...)

  • Report hate speech in the European Parliament

    30 March 2015 - With this form, you can report any incident of hate speech taking place in the European Parliament. Anyone may use it. The data collected will go towards a public report on hate speech in the (...)

  • Report hate speech in the Greek election campaign

    13 January 2015 - Greek elections are scheduled on 20 September. This reporting form can be used to report hate speech by MP candidates, party officials and spokespersons during the Greek election campaign, (...)

  • Call for proposals Justice

  • Statement of Martin Schulz on the Equality Demands

    20 May 2014 - "I welcome the 7 ENAR Equality Demands for the New European Parliament. The fight against racism must be intensified. I do not want to live in a European Union where discrimination against any (...)

  • Last push for the European elections! Let’s join forces!

    16 May 2014 - In one week’s time, all of us in the European Union are asked to vote for the next European Parliament. These elections are hugely important. They will determine our capacity to achieve further (...)

  • Communiqué de Presse: Salle comble pour audition publique sur l’Afrophobie en Europe

    15 May 2014 - Bruxelles, 21 février 2014 - Le 20 février 2014 se tenait pour la première fois au Parlement Européen à l’initiative des députés Jean-Jacob Bicep, Jean Lambert et PhilippeLamberts, une audition publique (...)

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