Institute Circle: Protection and promotion of Children’s Rights in Egypt project update

ENAR network | 29.09.2021

Zavod KROG/Institute Circle, ENAR member from Slovenia provides their project update: Protection and promotion of Children’s Rights in Egypt

For the fourth year in a row we have been implementing the project Protection and promotion of Children’s Rights in Egypt. The new project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was launched in spring 2021 and will educate teachers, parents and more than 2,000 children about the children’s rights with the use of the handbook and cards Our Rights.

As violations of children’s rights in Egypt by adults are a common problem, we will first form a group of trainers from governmental and non-governmental organizations and train them on the use the handbook and methodology of Our Rights.

These new trainers will hand over the knowledge in the field of children’s rights and skills for the use of the Our Rights methodology to 60 pedagogues from different primary schools in four three-day trainings. Pedagogues will, after being trained, deliver 14 workshops on children’s rights for more than 2000 primary school children.

In this way, children will gain knowledge about their rights and duties and how to claim and defend them. Through interactive workshops they will also develop their talents and gain skills needed for development of their potentials and to promote respect for children’s rights.

The project will thus contribute to strengthening the respect and promotion of children’s rights by educators and parents and at the same time strengthen the awareness of Egyptian children about their own rights and duties.

Despite advances in children’s rights legislation, Egyptian children are still victims of human rights violations and violence. Many live in poverty, do not have access to a quality education or do not go to school at all, many are exposed to various types of violence and do not know where and how to seek protection and support.

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