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Mimmi Åkesson
I hold an MA (Hons.) in Social Anthropology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. I have a keen interest in Islam and Muslim communities in Europe, on the one hand, and migration and minority rights, on the other - areas I specialized in during my studies. Post-graduation, I moved back to my native Sweden because I wanted to get involved in social inclusion work with newly arrived Syrian and Afghan refugees. I currently work with Red Cross Sweden and wanted to get involved in human rights work on an international level as well, which is why I decided to volunteer with ENAR. I believe it is very important in the contemporary political climate to highlight and combat the growing xenophobia and racism that is present throughout Europe.
Sofia Riço Calado
I am a Portuguese lawyer, specialized in IP and IT issues, and currently working as in-house lawyer of a Lisbon-based startup (automatic translations). I used to live and work in East Timor, Asia, for 10 years, where I took part of the reconstruction process of this new country, as legal adviser for different ministries and development agencies. I was always interested in diversity and inclusion issues, that is why I took a documentary cinema course since 2018 and decided to direct my first documentary on afro hair, as a symbol of black women’s identity. I also volunteer for a local NGO that promotes clothes exchange and sustainability.
Jaime Chapman
I am an internal communications executive and an artist in my spare time. I want to make a difference in the world where I can.
Lia Conceição
I am a young activist for minority rights and racial equality with professional experience in humanitarian and development aid. My academic background is grounded in Political Science. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Barry University (Miami, Florida) and a master’s degree in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy from the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin, Germany). I have supplemented my academic education with on-the-job training at international organizations and NGOs in the areas of human rights, development and social inclusion. As a woman of Color currently living in Europe, I feel particularly concerned about racism. I believe in Europe where all citizens and residents share the same values of equality, solidarity, and human dignity. Therefore, I decided to volunteer and contribute to ENAR’s work in fighting racism.
Maria Conte
I hold a BA in European Studies and have recently completed my MA (Hons) in International Studies with a focus on conflict resolution and peace and development. I have a keen interest in the area of human rights, international protection, migration and diplomacy. As such, I am concerned about the political and ideological trajectory of European politics in recent years regarding refugees and asylum seekers. I have volunteered with a volunteer-led NGO in Athens, Greece that supported asylum seekers and displaced Greeks. Currently I am undergoing a voluntary placement with human rights and migrant support NGO in Ireland. This is why I have decided to volunteer with ENAR and contribute to their work as I share their values of human rights, tolerance and diversity.
Katie Harrington
I am a newly qualified primary school teacher in Cork, Ireland. I have a Bachelors degree in Politics & International Relations from the University of Limerick. As part of my degree, I completed a three month placement volunteering in Cape Coast, Ghana. Here, I worked with a charity that provided support for marginalized members of their society, such as leprosy sufferers and children with intellectual disabilities. I currently volunteer with a homelessness charity in Cork once per week. I am passionate about fighting inequality. I joined ENAR to help in the fight against racism and discrimination.
Markéta Hubíková
I am a citizen of the Czech Republic, currently studying at my local grammar school in Nový Jičín. After finishing my studies here, I am hoping to study law, ideally abroad. I speak Czech, Slovak, English, a bit of French and I’m also starting to learn Spanish. I have always been concerned about inequality of any kind. That’s why I feel obliged to do something to stop this ’evil’. It’s one of the reasons why I am very proud to help ENAR with their hard work in the fight against inequality, especially racism.
Ewa Lekan
I hold a Master Degree in Law from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. I have also studied in the Netherlands and in Belgium, where I have finished an LL.M Programme in International and European Law. I have obtained experience in the EU institutional framework as a trainee for DG GROW of the European Commission. Currently I work as a litigation lawyer and an external counsel for a range of EU institutions, agencies and bodies and several international organisations. Although I am not a human rights lawyer by profession, I have been always passionate about the issue of protection of fundamental rights, especially in the context of prevention of racism, xenophobia and hate speech. I believe that current political changes all over the world and the rise of populism require common actions from civil society.
Donal Mac Erlaine
I’m a cultural historian, musician and composer, living in Spain. I play and teach classical guitar, and also like to work with dance and free improvisation. I’m also a writer and have had some peer-reviewed publications in the fields of musicology and cultural theory. Some of the things I like most in life are running, cycling, meditation (I’m a Buddhist), and meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. I strive to see the universals between individuals, within the context of culture. I’m a firm believer in the defence of ethical rights, be they workers’ rights, human rights or civil rights. I’m working on my first book.
Irene Lopez Marin

I am from Spain, but living and working in London since 2017. I am currently working as a Primary School Teacher and developing syllabuses for an educational online platform. I hold a MA on Development Education and Global Learning from University College of London (IOE). For my Masters’ dissertation, I focused on global perspectives towards racism and how this influence our interpretations of children literature. This dissertation challenged my perspective on this topic and since then, I have been trying to raise my voice and make people aware of this issue as well as migration by writing a few blog articles for Kairos Europe or delivering workshops on those topics. I am deeply interested on people’s perspectives towards these issues, since I believe the real stake to change our approach to those topics resides in to what extent we are thinking critically and questioning our own viewpoint. My love for education motivates me to volunteer with ENAR since it provides me with the opportunity to educate people on racism on a global scale.
Sophie Jane Malborough
I am an International Development Graduate from the University of Sussex. Here is where I learnt about Europe’s colonial past and its effects it still has today when it comes to racism and white privilege. For me, I was shocked I had not learnt this earlier in my school years. This reason has made me passionate in bringing awareness to colonialism, white privilege and racism and its effects within society. I am from the United Kingdom and since the result of Brexit I have seen racism and discrimination heighten here and I want to actively help fight against this problem. I am volunteering with ENAR to help tackle and break down the barriers when it comes to racism. Furthermore, I want Europe to take accountability for its colonial past and how its remnants are still contributing to racism throughout the region.
Leticia Martin
Originally from Spain, I’ve been living in France for three years now. I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication, another one in Arts History and a Master’s degree in Research in Human Sciences. I am also a swing dancer and instructor. My love and passion for this Afroamerican dance brought me to the need of educating myself on racism and cultural appropriation. My work, both in the arts and dancing fields, has always been focused on dealing with gender and race discrimination. While building myself as a feminist I became aware of the multiple oppressions I was being part of and of the complexity of this intersectionality. Joining ENAR’s volunteer team follows my intention to fulfill my duty as a white anti-racist woman.
Myriam Mhamedi
I have a Masters in Communications and an MA in Gender and Development. I am French Moroccan and have lived in both countries as well as in the UK for 3 years. I have previously worked in a European Institution but I now work for an NGO working on gender-based violence as a Communications Officer. I also use my free time to volunteer in different organisations working on minority rights. Throughout the years, doing case work as a volunteer and working with minorities and vulnerable people has given me a deep understanding of mechanisms of marginalisation in Europe and their intersectional nature. I am very passionate about inequalities and human rights and I am particularly interested in the interactions between culture, race and gender.
Ryan Plano
Originally from the United States, I have lived abroad since 2016, first in Canada, then in the United Kingdom, and now in France. I am interested in the issues surrounding forced migration, migrant integration policies, human rights, and regional and international governance. I most recently worked for a team of lawyers that provides legal and policy advice to Indigenous peoples organizations in British Columbia. Prior to this, I interned at a large humanitarian agency based in Baltimore. I have also held several volunteer posts, such as my time as a Director-at-Large of an organization assisting newly arrived LGBTQ+ refugees in Canada. I hold an MSc in International Migration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Political Science and International Development Studies from McGill University. I am honored to assist ENAR with its important mission, especially in the face of resurgent populist movements in Europe. Combatting racism and discrimination in all forms is vital to ensuring Europe is a place where all are welcome and able to thrive.
Aleksandra Sanadrovic
I am from Vojvodina, Serbia’s northern province and home to 26 different ethnic groups. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia and a master’s degree in Security Studies from the Aberystwyth University in Wales, the United Kingdom. After finishing my studies, I moved to Vienna, where I also volunteer at Caritas, tutoring a refugee child in English and accompanying an asylum seeker in the leisure activities. I speak English, German, French, and Hungarian. I joined ENAR’s volunteer team in hope to expose racist and xenophobic behaviour, tackle such issues and ultimately celebrate the diversity and cultural richness of Europe.

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