ENAR resources

- Addressing Islamophobia: A response to the Covid-19 crisis and broader inequalities (2020)

- Key recommendations from civil society organisations against Islamophobia to member States and European Institutions (2019)

- Key recommendations to tackle Islamophobia from a coalition of civil society organisations (2018)

- Debunking myths on women’s rights, Muslim women, feminism and Islamophobia in Europe (2017)

- Briefing: Islamophobia in Europe - recent developments (2017)

- Wearing the headscarf in the workplace - ENAR and Amnesty International observations on discrimination based on religion in the Achbita and Bougnaoui cases (2016)

- Equal@work Toolkit: Managing religious diversity in the workplace (2016)

- Forgotten Women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women: ENAR project and reports (2015-16)

- Article: Muslim women, forgotten women? (March 2016)

- Interview with Intissar Kherigi on ENAR’s Forgotten Women project (March 2016)

- New drive to fight Islamophobia at the EU level – NGO coalition against Islamophobia now asking concrete action

- Response to the European Commission’s consultation on its annual colloquium on fundamental rights: "Tolerance and respect: preventing and combating anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe" (2015)

- ENARgy webzine on counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation from an equality perspective (2015)

- Briefing on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe (2015)

- Q&A on Muslims in Europe (2015)

- Shadow Report 2011-12 on racism in Europe - Focus on Islamophobia (2013)

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ENAR’s Equal@work Platform brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions for the participation of ethnic minorities in the labour market.

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