ENAR is launching a call for tender for Human Resources Consultants

ENAR is seeking a professional consultant with a proven track record of minimal 10 years in supporting organisations to build resilient and performing teams as well as developing/improving HR processes to cater for the growth and renewal of organisations in the non-for profit sector.
This project should be driven by a creative and collaborative process, with the outgoing and new Directors, Board and Staff. It should also build on existing work carried out recently to develop and support the team.

The tasks consist of:

• Review the present practices and processes related to hiring, objectives setting, assessment, training, wellbeing, etc.
• Provide targeted support, training and/or coaching to improve some practices and processes – or support with the sourcing of appropriate trainers and coaches
• To update and develop where necessary HR related processes and policies in consultation with the Board and incoming director
• To support the Staff and Board to adequately operationalise and implement our HR processes
• To ensure accountability and engagement in the reviewed/new HR practices and processes
• To support the Board in the onboarding of the new Director, in close coordination with the Team


• Reviewed and/or new HR processes and policies
• Fully-fledged well-being strategies;
• Background notes supporting the processes;
• A final report describing the progress achieved at the end of the mission and recommendations for further implementation.

In close coordination with the Board, the outgoing and new Directors will
• be available for meetings and comments on proposals;
• provide internal documents in support of all processes;
• provide guidance and coordination with the Staff team.


The project will start during the first quarter of 2021 and end by the end of 2021. There needs to be significant amount of work planned after the new Director starts.

Person specification

The successful candidate will have:
• Proven experience and expertise of at least 10 years in supporting the growth and change management of international organisations in the non-for-profit sector;
• Proven experience of at least 10 years in supporting the development of relevant HR processes for small-size organisations (below 20 staff members), articulating robust and flexible systems for teams regularly spread geographically and working in asynchronous ways;
• Proven experience in supporting diverse teams, demonstrating familiarity with the concept of intersectionality and the analysis of various power structures and how to redress them;
• Fluency in English (speaking and writing) is essential.

How to apply

Interested consultants are required to send a full application to ENAR, which should include:
• a cover letter demonstrating qualifications and experience in line with the requirements above
• a brief explanation of the proposed approach and methodology for an appropriate delivery
• letter of recommendation of two previous professional contacts

The application must include a price offer (VAT included) for the total project, including a breakdown of costs.

Please send your full proposal by email to info@enar-eu.org to the attention of Michael Privot, Director of ENAR. The deadline is 29 January 2021 at midnight CET.

Note: Due to the funding regulations of this project, only consultants who are officially registered in the EU can apply.

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