Community mobilisation

The political capital of minorities is underestimated. They can shape politics! We are increasing our efforts to mobilise communities towards positive change.

The lack of mobilisation of progressive voters and minorities/migrants undermines the consolidation and development of equality and inclusive polices at EU and national levels. Without a push of communities of good will, exclusionary, racist and xenophobic ideologies, policies and practices are bound to progress and threaten democracy and equality.

Why do we need to mobilise communities?

Community engagement emerges from the slow work of building leaders, new connections and local-driven solutions to problems on the ground. It is crucial that ethnic and religious minorities and migrants can be empowered to express their voice and concerns from the local to the European level. Self-organised and cohesive communities can influence the policy agenda setting and can ensure support to victims of racism.

With its community mobilisation programme, ENAR aims at providing the structure in which these minorities can exert relevant political pressure in support of all those who are discriminated against in Europe.

What are we doing about it?

This is not a task that ENAR can conduct by itself. The network, its members and external stakeholders need to join forces and create synergies to inspire their constituencies.

We support national projects promoting ENAR’s strategies at national level.

We support projects between Jewish and Muslims communities using community mobilisation techniques for social change

We organise cross-fertilisation activities on communities’ mobilisation in Eastern Europe (Visegrad countries), in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute, on issues of Antisemitism, Islamophobia and xenophobia.

We map tools and best practices that can be used as resources for ENAR’s future local actions and campaigns.

We provide our member organisations with tools and train them with techniques for a larger mobilisation outreach.

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