Campaign with #NoHateEP2014

ENAR and ILGA-Europe have joined forces in campaign initiatives between LGBTI and anti-racist organisations ahead of the European election 2014

The 2014 European Parliament elections are taking place in a context marked by the crisis and the rise of extremist parties in different parts of the European Union. Exclusion and intolerance represent a real threat for the human rights of many European citizens, in particular members of ethnic, religious and/or sexual minorities.

On 19 March, the main European political parties joined ILGA-Europe and ENAR (European Network Against Racism) to launch together an Appeal for an election campaign free from discrimination and intolerance to combat this threat and reassert the EU’s democratic and inclusive values.

Together with their member organisations, ILGA-Europe and ENAR will monitor incidences of hate speech in the context of the EU election campaign and parties’ adherence to their pledge. If you wish to report hate speech during the election campaign, fill in our reporting form and help us gather evidence of discriminatory or intolerant speech by candidates. We will call public attention to these incidents, and call for a genuinely respectful campaign.

– 28 May 2014: Final report on hate speech in the #EP2014 campaign
– 21 May 2014: Second report on hate speech in the #EP2014 campaign
– 6 May 2014: First report on hate speech in the #EP2014 campaign

– See and share the infographics encouraging voters to pick candidates who support equality and diversity in English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Dutch / Greek / Bulgarian / Hungarian / Polish / Lithuanian / Slovenian


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