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Book presentation: Far-right in international and European law

15 November 2019 - In conversation with Dr. Michael Privot, Ojeaku Nwabuzo and Juliana Wahlgren (ENAR) on 21 November 2019 in Brussels.

Report: Data-driven policing is leading to racial profiling

5 November 2019 - The increased use of new, data-driven technologies in policing has concerning implications for racialised communities in Europe, in a context where ethnic and racial minorities are already over-policed and (...)

Toolkit on race and mental health at work

10 October 2019 - On World Mental Health Day, ENAR publishes a new toolkit on race and mental health at work, in the framework of our Equal@work platform. Racism, discrimination and structural inequalities intersect with (...)

A roadmap to racial diversity in EU institutions

4 October 2019 - What can the EU institutions do to improve racial diversity and representation? ENAR has published a roadmap outlining the steps needed to achieve this. Why does the EU need to change its policy on racial (...)

On the blog: Shedding light on dimensions of antigypsyism in Europe

1 October 2019 - Now is the time to review the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies. In the last ten years, Romani organisations and their allies have fought for the recognition of antigypsyism as a (...)

Open letter to Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen

18 September 2019 - The European Network Against Racism sent an open letter to the European Commission President to raise concerns on the framing and content of Commission portfolios and call for an overall review of their (...)

Civil society recommendations on combating Islamophobia

16 September 2019 - Key recommendations by the Coalition Against Islamophobia to EU Member States and EU institutions on tackling anti-Muslim racism and discrimination. These recommendations were presented at the EU Workshop (...)

Justice gap: racism pervasive in criminal justice systems across Europe

12 September 2019 - Institutional racism prevails in criminal justice systems across the EU and impacts how racist crimes are (not) recorded, investigated and prosecuted, according to a new report published by (...)

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